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Software Development
We can develop custom software for you based on almost any requirements you have. We specialize in the following software types:

Internet Applications

Applications that are either web-based or in some way make use of internet connections (for example, to send e-mail, etc). For these applications, security is often a concern, and secure connections can be made use of if required.

Server Applications

Applications that are designed to run on a server, unattended, for extended periods of time. Our software is designed to run without crashing or causing other problems.

Multilingual Applications

Applications that support many languages (English, Malay, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, etc). Our software can be written to support easy translation to any desired language.

GUI Applications / Flash Multimedia

Applications that are highly user-interactive and provide friendly and intuitive graphical user interfaces. We write software with user interfaces that range from "simple & elegant", to "fun & snazzy".

Performance-dependant Applications

Applications that require a high level of performance in order to complete their task. Most of our software is written in high-performance C++ and is tuned for efficiency.

Multi-platform Applications

Applications that are portable across multiple platforms and including handheld PDA or mobile devices, industrial PC/board. Our specialties are Windows and Linux development.

Web Programming Languages
  • ASP / ASP.Net framework / VB Script
  • PHP, AJAX, JavaScript
  • JSP, Java and etc.
Application Platform for Mobile Devices
  • Andriod Platform
  • iPhone - Objective C Platform
  • Nokia Qt platform
  • Windows Mobile platform

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